Assessments and Roadmaps

Understand your current landscape, create a clear path to the future.

Transformation starts with an assessment

The first step to successfully selecting and implementing the right technology is to understand what you’ve already got, and how well that is serving the organization and its teams.

How Build can help



Understand your goals, identify key stakeholders, and create the project plan.



Meet with your stakeholders to build understanding of your current and desired future states.



Create a roadmap that provides a clear direction for your organization.



Develop a detailed action plan for moving forward with your transformation.

The framework for success

Our teams use the Build Information Strategy Framework™ to organize current state findings and recommendations for the future. This framework focuses on information leadership and governance, operations, processes, and data—in addition to technology. We’ve found that each of these areas must be properly aligned for technology to truly serve an organization.

Why Build’s assessments are valued

The outcome of our assessment projects is a clear vision for the future and a well-defined strategy to get there—including all the necessary ingredients.

We developed our assessment methodology based on decades of experience working with nonprofits like yours, helping each develop a clear plan to achieve short-term improvements and achieve long-term strategic goals.

What happens next?

If the assessment indicates new technology is truly needed, Build will work with you on the system selection. See how Build’s selection process ensures your organization gets the technology it needs, and is well-prepared to use it.

Check out the projects where Build has made a difference for nonprofit organizations just like yours.